How Free Domain Alerts Works?

Using the Little Warden network of nodes around the world, we can quickly check though thousands of domains and ensure accurate alerts are sent.

We keep a record of your domain and SSL renewal date in our database and check it every morning (GMT) meaning when you wake up you'll have an alert it something needs to be looked at

We also create a feed for you to add to your calendar so you cannot avoid the inevitability of that domain expiring because Geoff! bought it 3 years ago but has now left the company to go be a farmer and now nobody knows the details

It's completely free for up to 20 domains and if you want more, well well there is a paid option (GASP) but during our testing we found that 90% of people will be happy with 20 domains (just don't try and sign up multiple accounts, you are better than that)

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And finally if you've been using Free Domain Alerts and think, wow this is great but I wish I could get similar alerts about things like Robots.txt, Core Web Vitals or redirect changes then we have a simple upgrade path to Little Warden..

Ready to get started?

Simply put, stick your email in here and verify it then you'll have access to the free Free Domain Alerts account

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Take your monitoring to the next level with Little Warden. With alerts on Robots.txt, Sitespeed, Content Changes, HREFLANG and more.. checkout Little Warden


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