How free is Free Domain Alerts??

I mean it's literally in the name, Free Domain Alerts so we'd be liars if it wasn't free and it is, completely free for up to 20 domains, which more than enough for most people, we might just show you the occasional advert.

However, we do have mouths to feed, mortgages to pay and LEGO just released yet another Disney set that Dom has to buy so if you want more domains then we have some packages for that (and we will remove those pesky adverts)

Amount of Domains
Price Monthly
Price Annual

100 Domanins

£15.00$19.00€18.00 per month

£150.00$190.00€180.00 per year








500 Domanins

£30.00$38.00€36.00 per month

£300.00$380.00€360.00 per year








1000 Domanins

£50.00$64.00€59.00 per month

£500.00$640.00€590.00 per year








5000 Domanins

£100.00$127.00€116.00 per month

£1,000.00$1,270.00€1,160.00 per year








10000 Domanins

£150.00$191.00€175.00 per month

£1,500.00$1,910.00€1,750.00 per year








(A "domain credit" is used with a new domain or a subdomain)

Alternatively, we've not been shy that this website is powered by Little Warden in an attempt for you to go, oh I wonder what that is, it sounds useful, let's try it!.

But at the end of the day, the service has FREE in the name you are welcome to use it for free and never upgrade (Just keep us in mind if anyone needs a similar service)

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