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The Team
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To build Free Domain Alerts we’ve assembled a team consisting of the best and bri… most available candidates. Dr Heather Hodgson has a PHD in Maths and has built technologies used by hundreds of digital marketing companies. Dom Hodgson has spoken on digital marketing, startups and sweetshops at conferences around the world. Scarlett Hodgson is 7 and said that if we didn’t put her on this page, she would make us watch the trolls movie again.

Why did you build Free Domain Alerts?

We started off with a freemium plan for Little Warden but adding hundreds of thousands of free users to that system wouldn’t go too well for our server costs, so we decided to spin it out into it’s own product and use it to convince you that Little Warden is a great idea.

Do you know any good jokes?

*Scarlett is now typing* Why did the sand blush…

because the sea-weed!

So no then..

A bit harsh.

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Simply put, stick your email in here and verify it then you'll have access to the free Free Domain Alerts account

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A blatent attention grab from the people who built Little Warden

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