Free Domain Alerts from Little Warden

Monitor up to 20 domains for Domain and SSL expiration alerts

Get email alerts when your accounts are due to expire, so that you can prevent problems before they occur.

Make sure everyone is in the know

It’s free and easy to invite your whole team to Free Domain Alerts and make sure nobody has an excuse to miss those renewal reminders.

Syncronise your calendars

With a dynamically updating feed, upcoming expirations will automatically be added to your calendar (and moved when that renewal happens)

Easily accessible data

We make it easy to download your data as a CSV, Excel or even a pretty PDF for those all important meetings

Common Questions

But would never forget to renew things like that

I'm sure Google, Microsoft, Google Again, Foursquare, Marketo, Google... Again all said the same but they didn't!

But I don't manage the domain name / SSL of my clients

You really aren't getting the concept of questions are you, sure you don't directly manage these things, but how silly would you look if their website went down because of a simple renewal issue, wouldn't you prefer to look like a proactive hero for the sake of adding a few things to a website?

Nothing is free, are you going to sell my data? WHO ARE YOU?

We are Dom, Heather & Scarlett creators of Little Warden, we noticed that a LOT of people didn't need the full power of Little Warden but still wanted to monitor Domain + SSL so we created Free Domain Alerts as a not so subtle way of getting people to learn about Little Warden and the powerful tools it has

Who uses Little Warden? Should I use it?

Whilst our tool is primarily used by agencies and brands who have a focus on digital marketing, Little Warden is perfect for anyone who cares about their website, it monitors more than just domain expirations, you can check redirects, core web vitals, HREGLang, page content changes and lots more!

What if I want to track more than 20 domains?

Whilst 20 domains will always be free (as long as we can fund the website), there are some paid plans for those wanting to monitor more domains.

How do I get started?

Simply put, stick your email in here and verify it then you'll have access to the free Free Domain Alerts account

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A blatent attention grab from the people who built Little Warden

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Advanced SEO Monitoring

Take your monitoring to the next level with Little Warden. With alerts on Robots.txt, Sitespeed, Content Changes, HREFLANG and more.. checkout Little Warden


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